Statement from ReinXeed


We are very sorry to announce our cancellation of ProgPower USA and all other shows and festivals in 2013.

Due to personal private reasons Tommy ReinXeed will not do any more live shows after the  "Rock out Wild" festival and for the rest of the year.

We are all very sorry about this but respect his decision and are looking forward to the upcoming release of the album "A New World" and new strenght and motivation to tour in the future./ The ReinXeed Alliance

New Video!


Tomorrow the great ReinXeed Alliance will record a new music video!
It's going to be very Epic and Majestic, we can promise you that!
The video will be out soon, so stay tuned!

/RX Alliance

New Studio Vlog!


We've come a long way on the recordings for the new album, but everything is not done yet. We've just started record some lead vocals!

Here's a teaser for ya!

Have a great week and rock!
/RX Alliance