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A quarter million views!


Soon we'll reach a quarter million views on youtube with the video "We Must Go Faster" from the 2011 album "1912".
The song "We Must Go Faster" is about the unnecessary orders the Captains received to speed up the ship so that Titanic could get to their destination New York faster then expected, just to make the headlines in the newspaper.

Wich were one of the reasons that Titanic couldn't turn away from the iceberg.

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ReinXeed Live!


Hi all followers and fans of ReinXeed!

We are planning for touring during 2013 with ReinXeed to push our latest album "Welcome To The Theater" and also  our upcoming album set for release September 13, 2013. We want to reach as many as possible from Sweden and abroad. Please come back to us with tips on places, rock clubs and festivals where you want to see ReinXeed live in concert!

We appreciate your feedback  and support a lot. For more information please contact our booking agency and management and email

Melodic Power metal rules!



R.I.P. Gary Moore


Two years ago today the great guitar hero Gary Moore passed away...
Gary's music and guitar playing is a huge inspiration to ReinXeed's music.
When Tommy was 9 years old his father showed him a video of Gary playing the song "Out In The Fields" and then Tommy knew what he was going to do with his life. Play the guitar and write music!

If it weren't for you Gary Moore, ReinXeed might have never existed...

Today we salute you!
R.i.P. Gary Moore!

ReinXeed Nominated!!!


Fantasic news people!!!

ReinXeed has been nominated a 2012 Metal Storm Award in the category of Best Power Metal Album!


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Thanks for your support! /RX



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Reaching 5,000 likes on Facebook!


We are about to reach 5,000 likes on Facebook, and we want to thank all you fans and friends for making this possible by sharing our page to your friends!

Thanks for your support!

//The ReinXeed Alliance

Happy Birthday Chris David!!!


Today is Chris Davids birthday!!!
The rest of the ReinXeed crew wishes our dear friend and bass player a great day and a very happy birthday!