Found some covers!


We found some covers on ReinXeed songs on youtube a while back, and it's fantastic to watch! :)
If you have any covers of ReinXeed songs on youtube or have stuff recorded, we'd love to hear it!

This guys has one of the coolest guitars and plays the solo from the title track from the "1912" album.
Great job man! You rock!

ReinXeed T-Shirts available!


Now we finally have ReinXeed T-Shirts available for sale!
You can support your favorite Adventure-Metal band ReinXeed everywhere and anytime now, just visit our webshop and get your self a cool ReinXeed T-Shirt!

The "ReinXeed Alliance in Boden" supports us allready, thank you! :)

ReinXeed back to Boden!


This friday ReinXeed will play at Nordic Rage Metal Festival in Boden, the home town of Tommy.

The will be other great bands there like Slowgate, Heroes of Vallentor, Charlie Shred, Frantic Amber, Zonaria and many more...

This will be ReinXeed's first gig in Boden for almost three years and it's going to be amazing! See you there!

Nordic Rage Website:

Thank you ProgPower Oslo


We would like to thank everyone at ProgPwer Oslo for an amazing day! Thanks to all the people who made it possible and for having ReinXeed there.

We hope to see you again very soon in Norway!



The video for the song "We Must Go faster" is now over 200.000 views on youtube, that's amazing! Thank you all very much for you support!

Rock n roll!
See you at ProgPower Oslo on Saturday!


Watch the video here:


Back to Band Camp


This is the final weekend of rehearsal before we do our first show with the new line-up.

We are ready to go "all in"!

Are you??

New Gig added


On the 13th of December we are playng at Svindelrockarna in Vindeln, Sweden.

It is a village upnorth where Tommy lived for 7 years. ReinXeed gonna rock hard.


Tommy at Musicians Planet


On the 21th of October Tommy is going to be at Musicians Planet Fair. He will be on the booth of Rock Demon/ Dean Guitars at 1pm.

You can meet him, have a chat and maybe listening to some guitarplaying.

more info at

Check out Rock Demon

Tommy ReinXeed


New Festival Added


We are happy to announce that we are going to play at the Rock Out Wild Festival 2013 in Sweden.


Go to for more information.

See you all there.

Rehearsals in progress!


Since Chris David recently came home from the U.S. the band is in full progress rehearsing their material for upcoming shows.


The ReinXeed basecamp is in the area of Jönköping where Alex and Alfred lives.

Chris David Bassplayer in ReinXeed


Now it is official that the bassplayer of ReinXeed is Chris David.

Chris is from a village in Sweden called Hagfors. He has been studying music for several years and came recently back from the US and the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

During his time in USA he also played with the band SledgeLeather together with Scott Warren (Dio/ Heaven & Hell)

The connection to ReinXeed is that Chris played bass on the latest Oriz album " II " togheter with Alexander!

Welcome to the band!!

ReinXeed to ProgPower, Oslo


We are really happy to announce that we are going to perform at ProgPower in Oslo.

The festival is held at Parkteatret Scene in Oslo, Norway.

The dates for the festival is nov 9th and nov 10th.

Confirmed bands right now:


Band Camp in Jönköping


This weekend we all meet down in Jönköping to rehearse, hang out and to make big plans for the future.

Great to see each other again after a hectic period.

Good news to be announced on monday.

ReinXeed on Twitter


Now you can follow us on twitter. We call our tweets for Reixeeds ;)

ReinXeed to ProgPower XIV


We are really happy to announce that we are going to the US and perform at the ProgPower Festival in 2013. The lineup is very good and we are proud to be a part of the festival.

Here is the line-up:

FRIDAY, September 6, 2013
Damnation Angels - UK
Myrath - Tunisia
Xandria - Germany
Wolverine - Sweden
Ashes of Ares (Matt Barlow's new band) - US
Soilwork (co-headliner) - Sweden
Shadow Gallery (co-headliner) - US
SATURDAY, September 7, 2013
ReinXeed - Sweden
Heaven's Cry - Canada
Wolf - Sweden
Circus Maximus (co-headliner) - Norway
Armored Saint (co-headliner) - US
Sabaton (co-headliner) - Sweden
2013 Theme:  Medieval!

Welcome to our new Homepage!


We are very happy to give you the new updated home of ReinXeed.
Visit us often to read the news from the Reinxeed family.